1st Grade Math Curriculum, Worksheets, Word Problems, Games, Practice Tests

Children in Grade K are comfortable with counting and writing numbers from 1 to 20. Kids of Grade 1 will learn 3 digit numbers up to 120. Learn new concepts such as Adding, Subtracting Numbers. Concepts existing will lay a strong foundation of math basics that are useful for higher grades. Make your math learning fun and enjoyable by availing the Grade 1 Math Topics existing.

1st Grade Math Concepts will improve the child’s understanding of number values, arithmetic, linear measurements, and shape compositions. Appealing Visuals make the concepts much fun and enjoyable. Practicing from the Grade 1 Math Concepts helps you to become proficient in Math as well as be thorough with the concepts. Engaging Printable Grade 1 Worksheets present enthralls the kids to have a new learning experience. Solving the 1st Grade Math Concepts one can see a significant improvement in their performance.

First Grade Math Topics, Textbook Solutions

We have curated unique activities and alluring characters for kids in grade 1.  Grade 1 students will get to see identifying patterns, sorting, telling time, measuring time & distances, and many more. Rather than mugging up concepts, one can understand the concept behind them. Simply tap on the quick links available to learn the related concept in a matter of seconds.

Place Value

Numbers – Worksheet



Adding 0 to 9

Subtracting 0 to 9

Money Names and Values

Why refer to 1st Grade Math Curriculum?

Go through the advantages listed below by accessing our Grade 1 Math Curriculum. They are along the lines

  • No matter the topic you can always count on Grade 1 Math Topics to improve your child’s proficiency.
  • From Basic Addition and Subtraction to Measurement there is a number of ways you can get a good hold of them.
  • If your child is struggling with telling time or reading a clock you can always seek help from us.
  • All the Grade 1 Concepts are explained in detail adhering to the Latest 1st Grade Curriculum.
  • You will discover the joy of learning math that you have never thought of as a kid.


Hope the knowledge shared about Grade 1 Math has helped you to a possible extent. If you need any assistance on the 1st Grade Math Topics please do drop us your suggestions so that we can revert back to you at the possible extent. Stay in touch with our site to avail latest updates on Grade Wise Math Topics, Word Problems, etc. at your fingertips.

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