Examples on Pictographs | Pictogram Chart Example Question and Answers

Are you confused about pictographs? This web page will give you clear information about pictographs. It also includes the definition of pictograph, pictograph examples. You can also find the solved examples on pictographs by going through this article completely. With the help of this knowledge, you can solve similar problems very easily.

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Examples of Pictographs

Here you can find the examples on pictographs, how the images give information regarding the data. Read the pictograph and collect information from the objects which are represented by images in the pictograph.

Solved Problems on Pictographs
Example 1:
A food store has a variety of Apples. The number of apples in each variety is shown in the pictograph.examples of pictograph

1. How many apples are there in the Food store?
There are 150 apples in the Food store.
2. How many Golden Delicious apples are there?
There are 25 Golden Delicious apples.
3. Which variety has thirty-five apples?
Jonathan has thirty-five apples.
4. Which variety has the maximum number of apples?
Red Rome has the maximum number of apples.
5. Which Variety of apples have the less number of Apples?
Mc Intosh has the less number of apples.

Example 2:
A survey is conducted for the fruits such as Apples, Bananas, Guava, Pineapple. The result is shown in the pictograph. Votes are represented by the image of that fruit. One vote= image of fruit.
pictograph example2
1. How many votes polled for pineapple?
The votes polled for pineapple is 5.
2. Which fruits have five votes?
Both guava and pineapple have five votes.
3. Pineapples have how many votes greater than apple?
Pineapples have two votes greater than apples.
4. How many votes polled for banana?
Three votes are polled for banana.
5. How many votes polled for guava?
Five votes are polled for guava.

Example 3:
A survey is conducted on children about the favorite beach activities. The pictograph shows the results of the survey. Each image represents one child. 
pictograph example3
1. How many children voted for swimming?
Seven children voted for swimming.
2. How many children voted for napping?
seven children voted for napping.
3. For which activity maximum votes polled?
The maximum votes polled for finding shells.
4. For which activity minimum number of votes polled?
The minimum number of votes polled for bird watching.
5. For which activities the same number of votes polled?
The same number of votes polled for swimming and napping.

Example 4:
pictograph example4
1. How many absentees on Thursday?
There are no absentees on Thursday.
2. How many numbers are absent on Tuesday?
Four members are absent on Tuesday.
3. On which day number of absentees are more?
On Saturday absentees are more.
4. How many numbers are absent on Wednesday?
On Wednesday two members are absent.
5. How many numbers are absent on Monday?
Five members are absent on Monday.

Example 5:
The picture shows the number of star stickers achieved by five children in a month. Write the answers carefully.
pictograph example5

1. Who collected the maximum number of star stickers?
Mary collected the maximum number of star stickers.
2. Which two children got the same number of star stickers?
Ali and Mona got the same number of star stickers.
3. Who collected the minimum number of star stickers?
Joy collected a three-star sticker.
4. How many star stickers Anshu collected?
Anshu collected nine-star stickers.
5. How many stickers mary got more than mona?
Mary got six stickers more than mona.
6. Mary and Monal got how many stars altogether?
Mary and Monal got 18 stars altogether.

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