Worksheet on Identify Number 1 | Free Printable Identification of Number 1 Worksheet

Here teachers can find the free printable worksheet on the identification of number 1. With the help of this Number 1 Recognition Worksheet, teachers and parents can test the skills of their kids easily. Anyone can download this Worksheet on Identify Number 1 pdf for free of cost. Preschool students have to learn how to write, remember, count, trace and colour the number 1 by performing the preschool activities.

Number 1 Identification Worksheet

Learning the numbers from 1 to 20 is mandatory for all preschoolers and homeschoolers. They have to practice tracing the number 1 on the worksheet carefully to know how to write it. The formation of number one is a straight vertical line. Preschool teachers should include learning the number 1, counting the objects, identifying the number one, and writing the numeric number 1 as preschool activities for the students. So that they can learn the number one easily.

Identifying the number 1 means students have to pick that particular from a group of numbers. Many of the students can identify which is number one from a group after learning to write the number on their own. Parents can download Worksheet on Identify Number 1 pdf for absolutely free and take printouts. You have to provide those printable Number 1 Identifying Worksheets to the students to test the student’s skills.

How to Find Number One?

The direct link to get the Worksheet on Identify Number 1 pdf is attached here. Students have to pick the number 1 from a group of various numbers. On the worksheet, kids have to circle all the numbers which have number 1.

Worksheet on Identify Number 1

Kindergarten students can find the number 1 exactly 6 times out of all the numbers. The places of occurrence of the number 1 in the worksheet are the first-row last column, this row first column, fourth-row second column, fifth-row first column, last row second column, and fourth column. Circle all those six places of number 1 carefully.

Number 1 Identification worksheet

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