Worksheet on Identify Number 10 | Learn to Count, Recognize, Color, Write Number Ten

Avail free Number 10 Identification Worksheet on this page. Teachers and parents can download this printable worksheet and help their students to learn to identify the number 10 easily. Identify Number 10 Worksheet contains a group of numbers kids have to recognize which is number 10 from them. Along with this worksheet, students can also find the interesting facts about the number 10 in the below sections.

Identify Number Ten Worksheet

Learning the numbers is helpful for the students to count the number of items in a box and do calculations faster. So everyone has to learn to write, trace, color, and identify the numbers from 1 to 20 before completing their preschooling. The simplest method of writing the number is to write one followed by zero.

Teachers can find a direct link to download Identify Number Ten Worksheet from the following sections. Students have to recognize which is number 10 from the collection of numbers and circle it properly.

Worksheet on Identify Number 10

Download free Identify Number 10 Worksheet pdf for free of cost. Kindergarten students have to check for the number 10 in the worksheet and circle the number. As the worksheet can be downloaded for free of cost anyone can download it from anywhere. Kindergarten students have to learn to recognize the numbers from 1 to 10 as early as possible. Find who many times the number ten is repeated in the worksheet.

Worksheet on Identify Number 10

On the printable number 10 identification worksheet, students can recognize the number exactly 6 times. The place occurrence of number ten in the worksheet is the first-row first column, second-row last column, third-row third column, fourth-row second column, fifth-row fifth column, and sixth-row third column.

Identify Number 10

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Interesting Facts about Number Ten

  • The number 10 is a natural number that is present before 11 and after 9.
  • It is an even number that is divisible by 2.
  • All the multiples of the number ten have 0 at the unit’s place.
  • Humans have ten fingers on hands, 10 toes on feet.
  • By doubling the five, we get the number 10.
  • A decade means a period of 10 years.
  • A ten-sided polygon is called a decagon.

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