Learn to Write Number 1 | How to Count and Write Number 1? | Preschool Activities

Preschools students can easily learn the number 1 by coloring the things, counting, and tracing the number. Start learning and writing numbers by practicing the below activities. We are providing very easy methods to learn numbers. Every activity will be very useful to the students or children. By following each and every activity on our page, students can enjoy the learning and they can easily remember the numbers.

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How to Write Number 1?

A standing line represents the number 1 and it is like a stick. A number 1 can be written in words as ‘ONE’. A Number 1 is represented like below. Start writing the number 1 as a normal line that drawn from top to bottom. Let your students write the number 1 from top to bottom, not in the reverse order.


Writing Number 1

Learn the Number 1 – Count the Things

Follow the interesting way to easily learn the number 1. By following the below method, students can easily understand, and also they can easily remember the numbers. The given images will help the children to remember the numbers easily. Ask the students to read out how many things are available in each image. Let them know every image has one item in it.
Learn to Write Number 1 Preschool activity Learn to Write Number 1 Preschool activities How to Write Number 1

Trace the Number 1 or One

We are providing the number 1 in the form of dotted lines. So, Practice the number 1, by adding the below-dotted lines as per the symbol of the Number. Practice and write all the dotted ones available below. So that students can habituate to speak and learn to write the number 1 quickly and perfectly.

Writing Number 1


Trace the Number 1

Trace the Number 1 in Words

In the below figure, the first box displays the number 1 as the standard line, and also the number 1 is represented in words like ‘ONE’. The next boxes display the same thing but it is displayed in dotted lines. Trace the number 1 in words as well as in numbers in dotted lines to easily learn the numbers.

Trace the number 1 in words

Identify the Number 1

In the below circle, different numbers are placed from 1 to 8. Identify the number 1 and Pick the number 1 from the circle. You can also color the box having number 1 with color.

Identify the Number 1

Colour and Count to Identify the Number 1

Colour the below figures and count the elements in one image. By the coloring method, students can enjoy the learning process. With this method, every student can learn the number 1 and they can easily recognize the number 1. By practicing the coloring method to learn number 1, most of the students can start the drawing of images also.
Different Learn to Write Number 1 Activities
The given image is an elephant. There is only one elephant available.
1 – One Elephant
Identify the number 1 from image
The given image is a duck. There is only one duck available.
1 – One Duck
Practice Test on How to Write Number 1
The given image is an apple. There is only one apple available.
1 – One Apple
Learn to Write Number 1 with activities
The given image is orange. There is only one orange available.
1 – One Orange

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Important Points about Number One

Below two points are very important to remember. Check out the two points and let the students practice every time to make them remember easily.

  • Number 1 is an odd number.
  • Number 1 is a prime number.

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