Percentage into Decimal – Definitions, Formula, Examples | How to Change Percentage into Decimal?

To convert the percentage to decimals, you must have the skill to make the estimations easy. Know the complete procedure of expressing percentages as a decimal in the further sections. Refer various methods to convert percentages to decimals. Follow the solved examples and easy ways to convert to decimal values. Scroll down to the below sections to know the various details like examples, formulae, and steps to convert to decimals.

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How to Convert Percentage into a Decimal?

To convert easy and simple points and guidelines to convert percentages to decimal values. The step by step procedure is as follows:

  1. First of all, know the value and obtain the percent which has to be converted to the decimal value.
  2. Now, ignore the percentage symbol and simply divide it with 100
  3. Finally, express the given fraction in the decimal value which is the final decimal value.

Ways to Turn a Percent into a Decimal

There are various ways to convert the percentage to decimals. They are:

1. Divide by 100

Mostly the interest rates are advertised and quoted in percentage terms. But, to find the exact value, we have to convert them to decimal format. The easiest way to convert the percentage to decimal is to divide the value by 100.

2. Move the Decimal Point to the Left

There is also another way by which the percentage can be converted to decimal values, that is to move the decimal point to the left side. This method is the easiest of all the methods, once to practice this method thoroughly, you can easily solve the equation in your mind without using pen and paper.

If the number does not have the decimal value, we can assume that it has the decimal value at its end or the direct right side of the number. Assume that the decimal value is followed by 2 zeroes. For example, if 65 is the number then the decimal value of that number is 65.00

Few examples of moving the decimal value over 2 places are:

  • 200% = 2.00
  • 250% = 2.5
  • 68.678 = .68678
  • .8%  = .008

Most of these financial calculations give only a rough idea of the amount you earn or spend. But these calculations are widely used in making quick and useful estimates. To convert the percentage into decimal values, these methods are accurate and it is also important the usage of the values after conversion.

Applications of Percentages

  • In all financial institutions like schools, banks, shops percentages are used to calculate the values.
  • The profit or the loss value of the companies are described in terms of percentage.
  • Commodities discounts are expressed as percentages.
  • The commission rate of the salesperson is expressed in the form of percentages.
  • In day to day financial aspects, we use percentages for understanding.

Percentage to Decimal Conversion Examples

Express the following Percentage into Decimal

Problem 1:

Convert 29% into decimal value?


To convert a percentage to decimal values are very easy. The given value in the question is 27%.

In the first step, drop the “%” character and move the decimal point to the left of two places.

27% = 0.27

Problem 2:

In a video game, Val scored 30% fewer points than Rancho. Rancho scored 1060 points. How many points did Val score?


As given in the question,

No of points Rancho scored = 1060

No of points Val scored = 30% fewer than Rancho

Therefore, total points Val scored = 0.3(1060)

From the above data, the equation will be as

1060 – 0.3(1060) = 742

If we consider the Rancho’s score as 100%, then the score of Val = 100% – 30% = 70%

To find the score of Val, we write the equation as 1060(70%)

= 1060(0.70)

= 1060 * 0.7 = 742

The decimal value of Val’s score = 742.0

Thus, the score of the Val = 742.0

Problem 3:

There are 20% more spades than hearts in the poker set. There are 220 spades and hearts altogether in the poker set. How many spades are there in the poker set?


Let Spades be S and Hearts be h

As given in the solution,

S + H = 220

H = S + 220

H = 220S

1S + 1.2S = 220

2.2S = 220

Divide the equation by 2.2

2.2S / 2.2 = 220/2.2

Hearts = 100

Spades = (1.2)(100) = 120

Therefore, the number of spades in the set is 120

Thus, the final solution is 120 spades

Problem 4:

Cameroon was 165cm tall on the initial day of college this year, which was 10% taller than he was on the initial day of college last year. How tall was Cameroon on the initial day of college last year?


As given in the question,

Height of Cameroon on the initial day of college this year = 165cm

Height of Cameroon on the initial day of college last year = 10%

Let the height of Cameroon = x

1x + 0.1x = 165

1.1x = 165

Divide the equation with 1.1

x = 150cm

Therefore, Cameroon was 150 cm on the initial day of college last year

Thus, the height of Cameroon on the initial day of college last year = 150cm

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