Problems on Calculating Speed | Speed Questions and Answers

Solve different types of problems on calculating speed and get acquainted with various models of questions asked in your exams. Be aware of the Formula to Calculate and Relationship between Speed Time and Distance. Practice Speed Problems on a regular basis so that you can be confident while attempting the exams. We even provided solutions for all the Questions provided and explained everything in detail for better understanding. Try to solve the Speed Questions on your own and then cross-check where you are lagging.

We know the Speed of the Object is nothing but the distance traveled by the object in unit time.

Formula to find out Speed is given by Speed = Distance/Time

Word Problems on Calculating Speed

1.  A man walks 25 km in 6 hours. Find the speed of the man?

Distance traveled = 25 km
Time taken to travel = 6 hours
Speed of Man = Distance traveled/Time taken
= 25km/6hr
= 4.16 km/hr
Therefore, a man travels at a speed of 4.16 km/hr

2. A car covers a distance of 420 m in 1 minute whereas a train covers 70 km in 30 minutes. Find the ratio of their speeds?

Speed of the Car = Distance Traveled/Time Taken
= 420m/60 sec
= 7 m/sec

Speed of the Train = Distance Traveled/Time Taken
= 70 km/1/2 hr
= 140 km/hr

To convert it into m/sec multiply with 5/18
= 140*5/18
= 38.8 m/sec
= 39 m/sec (Approx)
Ratio of Speeds = 7:39

3. A car moves from A to B at a speed of 70 km/hr and comes back from B to A at a speed of 40 km/hr. Find its average speed during the journey?

Since the distance traveled is the same the Average Speed= (x+y)/2 where x, y are two different speeds
Substitute the Speeds in the given formula
Average Speed = (70+40)/2
= 110/2
= 55 km/hr
The Average Speed of the Car is 55 km/hr

4. A bus covers a certain distance in 45 minutes if it runs at a speed of 50 km/hr. What must be the speed of the bus in order to reduce the time of journey by 20 minutes?

Speed = Distance/Time
50 = x/3/4
50 = 4x/3
4x = 150
x = 150/4
= 37.5 km

Now by applying the same formula we can find the speed

Now, time = 40 mins or 0.66 hr since the journey is reduced by 20 mins

S = Distance/Time
= 37.5/0.66
= 56.81 km/hr

5. Ram traveled 200 km in 3 hours by train and then traveled 140 km in 3 hours by car and 5 km in 1/2 hour by cycle. What is the average speed during the whole journey?

Distance traveled by Train is 200 km in 3 hours
Distance Traveled by Car is 140 km in 3 hours
Distance Traveled by Cycle is 5 km in 1/2 hour
Average Speed = Total Distance/Total Time
= (200+140+5)/(3+3+1/2)
= 345/6 1/2
= 345/(13/2)”
= 345*2/13
= 53.07 km/hr

6. A train covers 150 km in 3 hours. Find its speed?

Speed = Distance/Time
= 150 km/3 hr
= 50 km/hr
Therefore, Speed of the Train is 50 km/hr.

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