Units of Mass and Weight Conversion Chart | Mass & Weight Conversion Table & Solved Examples

Need instant homework help in calculating the Mass and Weight unit conversions? Don’t get stress as we have come up with a helpful article ie., Units of Mass and Weight Conversion Chart. We all know how conversions are important in calculating the unit of measurements in real-life things. So, to make you learn thoroughly about the Mass and Weight Unit Conversions, we have shared the conversion chart table below.

Take a look at the table and calculate all kinds of mass and weight conversion problems. Also, you can learn more about unit conversions such as length, capacity, time, etc. from our article ie., Math Conversion Chart. Moreover, you can also find some worked-out examples and faqs on the Units of Mass and Weight Conversion Table.

Conversion Chart for Units of Mass and Weight

Different Units of Mass and Weight Conversions are tabulated here that you can make use of the most while calculating the mass and weight unit conversions. Have a glance at the below-tabulated Units of Mass and Weight Conversion Chart and utilize them as per your requirements.

Unit Name Relation to kilogram [kg]
assay ton [AT][long] 0.0326666666666667 [kg]
assay ton [AT][short] 0.0291666666666667 [kg]
atomic unit of mass 9.10938E-31 [kg]
bag [Portland cement, Canada] 39.689332375 [kg]
bag [Portland cement, US] 42.63768278 [kg]
bag coffe 60 [kg]
barge 2.041166E+4 [kg]
carat [kt] 2.591956E-4 [kg]
carat [metric] 2E-4 [kg]
cental 45.359237 [kg]
chalder 2692.52 [kg]
clove 3.62873896 [kg]
crith 8.9885E-5 [kg]
dram [dr][apothecary] 0.0038879346 [kg]
dram [dr][apothecary] 0.0017718451953125 [kg]
firkin 25.40117272 [kg]
flask 34.7 [kg]
gamma 1E-9 [kg]
geepound 14.5939 [kg]
grain [gr] 6.479891E-5 [kg]
gram [g] 0.001 [kg]
milligram [mg] 1E-6 [kg]
kilogram [kg] 1 [kg]
gros 0.0102 [kg]
hundredweight [long] 50.80234544 [kg]
hundredweight [short] 45.359237 [kg]
hyl [cgs] 9.80665 [kg]
international unit [ui] 1.515152E-9 [kg]
jin [China] 0.5 [kg]
kip [kip] 453.59237 [kg]
last [General] 1814.36948 [kg]
last [US] 1981.29147216 [kg]
liang [China] 0.05 [kg]
mark 0.2488278144 [kg]
metric ton 1000 [kg]
mic 1E-9 [kg]
millier 1000 [kg]
mite 3.239946E-6 [kg]
mite [metric] 5E-5 [kg]
myriagram [myrg] 10 [kg]
ounce [oz][apothecary] 0.0311034768 [kg]
ounce [oz av][avoirdupois] 0.028349523125 [kg]
ounce [oz][troy] 0.0311034768 [kg]
pennyweight [pwt] 0.00155517384 [kg]
point 2E-6 [kg]
pound [lb av][avoirdupois] 0.45359237 [kg]
pound [lb][metric] 0.5 [kg]
pound [lb t][troy] 0.3732417216 [kg]
quarter [informal] 254.0117272 [kg]
quarter [imperial] 12.70058636 [kg]
quartern 1.587573295 [kg]
quintal [q][metric] 100 [kg]
quintal [q] 45.36 [kg]
rebah 0.00408233133 [kg]
sack [Canada] 39.689332375 [kg]
sack [US] 42.63768278 [kg]
sack of flour 45.36 [kg]
scruple [s ap][apothecary] 0.0012959782 [kg]
sheet 6.479891E-4 [kg]
shekel 0.01632932532 [kg]
slinch 175.1268 [kg]
slug 14.5939 [kg]
stone [st] 6.35029318 [kg]
ton [t] 1000 [kg]
tonne [long] 1016.0469088 [kg]
tonne [metric] 1000 [kg]
tonne [short] 907.18474 [kg]
troy 0.3732417216 [kg]
truss 25.40117272 [kg]
wey 114.30527724 [kg]

Mass Metric Conversion Chart

Mass is used to measure the weight of an object. In the metric system of measurement, the most common units of mass are the gram and kilogram.

Metric US or Imperial
1 milligram [mg] 0.0154 grain
1 gram [g] 1,000 mg 0.0353 oz
1 kilogram [kg] 1,000 g 2.2046 lb
1 tonne [t] 1,000 kg 1.1023 short ton
1 tonne [t] 1,000 kg 0.9842 long ton

Solved Examples on Mass and Weight Unit Conversions

1. Calculate the conversion of 650 g into kilograms.


We know 1 Gram = \(\frac { 1 }{ 1000 } \) Kilogram

650 g = \(\frac { 650 }{ 1000 } \) kg

650 g = 0.65 kg

Hence, 650 g converted to kilograms if 0.65 kg.

2. Convert 87 decigram into grams.


87 dg = \(\frac { 87 }{ 10 } \) g

= 8.7 g

3. Find the conversion of 6.9 kg into dag.


6.9 kg = 6 kg + 900 g

We know, 1 dag = 10 g

So, 6900 g = \(\frac { 6900 }{ 10 } \) dg

= 690 dag

4. Convert 75 cg into dg.


We know 1 dg = 10 cg

So, 75 cg = \(\frac { 6900 }{ 10 } \) dg

= 7.5 dg

Therefore, 75 cg converts into 7.5 dg

FAQs on Units of Mass and Weight Conversion Chart

1. What are the units of measurement for mass and weight?

In the International System of Units (SI), the basic unit of mass is the kilogram. The unit of measurement for weight is that of force, which in the International System of Units (SI) is the newton.

2. What is the weight of a 200g mass?

The Weight of a 100 G Mass has a magnitude (0.2 Kg)(9.8 M/s). Hence, the result is 2 N.

3. How do you calculate mass from weight?

In order to calculate the mass of an object using its weight, the formula is M = W รท G (where W is weight and G is Acceleration of Gravity).

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