Word Problems on Measuring Length | Measurement of Length Word Problems

Here we will learn about how to solve word problems on measuring length(i.e. addition, subtraction). Addition and subtraction of lengths can be done in a similar way as in the case of ordinary numbers. The concept of carrying, borrowing is similar as in the case of addition and subtraction. You can also check the solved examples of word problems on measuring length for a better understanding of the concept.

(i) When we add if both the addends are in meters (meters, meters) the sum is in meters, and when we add if both the addends are in centimeters  (centimeters, centimeters) the sum is in centimeters. Here centimeters are written as a cm.

(ii) When we subtract if both subtrahend and minuend are in meters (meters, meters) the difference is in meters, and when we subtract if both subtrahend and minuend are in centimeters(centimeters, centimeters) the difference is in centimeters. Here meters are written as m.

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Word Problems on Measurement of Length

Here you have examples of word problems on measuring Lengths. By referring to them you will understand how various questions are framed on length measurement.

Example 1:

Siri is 1 m 25 cm tall. Her friend sindhu is 1 m 20 cm tall. Who is taller and by how much?

The height of Siri = 1 m 25 cm

The height of Sindhu = 1 m 20 cm

Difference between their height

= 1 m 25 cm – 1 m 20 cm

= 5 cm

Siri is taller by 5 cm.

Example 2:

Arjun bought 10 m 50 cm of cloth. He used 3 m 20 cm from it. How much cloth is left?


The total length of cloth Arjun bought = 10 m 50 cm.

Length of cloth he used = 3 m 20 cm.

Therefore, the length of cloth left = 10 m 50 cm – 3 m 20 cm

= 7 m 30 cm

Example 3:

Subtract 50 m 25 cm from 90 m 75 cm.

First, arrange meters and centimeters in columns.

Then subtract 25 cm from 75 cm.

75 cm – 25 cm = 50 cm

Write it in the centimeter column.

Then subtract 50 m from 90 m.

90 m – 50 m = 40 m

Write this in the meter column.

The answer is 16 m 80 cm.

Example 4:

Supriya purchased 34 m 15 cm rope and Priya purchased 15 m 10 cm rope. What is the total length of ropes both of them purchased?


Length of ropes purchased by Supriya = 34 m 15 cm

Length of ropes purchased by Priya = 15 m 10 cm

Total length of ropes purchased by them = 34 m 15 cm + 15 m 10 cm

= 49 m 25 cm

Example 5:

If the length of a bed is 345 cm and breadth is 212 cm, by how much does the length exceed the breadth? Find the sum of the length and breadth in meters and centimeters.


Length of the bed=345

The breadth of the bed=212

Length exceeds by the breadth is

3  4  5

-2  1   2


1  3   3


The Sum of length and breadth is

3      4    5

+ 2    1     2


5      5       7


The sum of length and breadth is 5m 57 cm.

Example 6:

Sarita draws two line segments. One is 6 cm long and the other is 4 cm long.

(i) Find the sum of the length of both the line segments.

(ii) Find the difference between the lengths of the line segments.


length of the line segment=6

another length of the line segment=4

The total length of the line segments is 6+4=10

Difference of the line segments=6-4=2.

Example 7:

Addition of 5m 50 cm, 8m 30 cm


m     cm

5       50

+8     30

13        80


First arrange meters, centimeters columns

First centimeters columns are added i.e. 50+30=80 and the sum 80 is placed under the centimeters column.

Meters column are added i.e. 5+8=13 and the sum 13 is placed under the meters column.

Therefore, the Addition of 5 m50 cm, 8 m30 cm is 13 m80 cm.

Example 8:

An electrician bought a wire of length 9m 70 cm and another wire of length 7m 20cm. Find the sum of lengths of wires and the difference of lengths of wires.


First wire length=9 m 70 cm

Second Wire length=7 m 20 cm

Sum of Lengths of Wires

m           cm

9              70

+7              20

16                90


Therefore, the sum of the length of wires=16m 90 cm

Difference of lengths of wires

m                  cm

9                    70

-7                   20


2                      50


Therefore, the Difference of Lengths=2m 50 cm

Example 9:

Rajesh bought two books. One book of length is 6m 28 cm and the other book of length is 4m 23cm. Find the sum of lengths and Difference of lengths?


One book-length is 6m 28 cm

Another book-length is 4m 23 cm

Sum of lengths of books

m         cm


6            28

+4            23


10              51


First, cms are added.


write 51 in the cm column.

now meters are added.


Write 10 in the meter column.

Therefore, the sum of the length of books is 10 m 51 cm

The difference in lengths of books

m            cm

6                28

-4                23


2                  05


First, cm s are subtracted.


Write 5 in the cm s column.

then meters are subtracted.


Write 2 in the m s column.

Therefore, the difference in length of books=2 m 5 cm.

Example 10:

A flower vase has a length of 5m 30 cm and a breadth of 2m 10 cm. Find the sum of length and breadths, Difference of length and breadth.


The Length of the flower vase=5 m 30 cm

The breadth of the flower vase=2 m 10 cm

Sum of Length and Breadth

m             cm

5               30

+2              10


7                40


The difference in length and Breadth

m          cm

5            30

-2           10


3              20


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