Worksheet on Days of the Week for Preschool | Free Printable Days of the Week Tracing Worksheet

In this Day of the Week Worksheet, we have included more interesting activities which help all Grade 2 students to learn how to spell the days in a week. This printable worksheet gives engaging exercises on Days of the Week to enhance the topic in an interesting and fun learning way to remember easily by the students.

In Grade 2, the days of the week activity sheet is perfect for students who want to grasp about every day of the week and memorize the solving tricks on the concept easily. We knew that Morning, afternoon, evening, and night together make a day, and such seven days make one week. These Printable Days of the Week Worksheets involve many of the practice activities for the kids to assist them in fast learnings and become perfect with spellings.

The following days of the week trace sheet assist teachers and parents to teach kids easily about Days of the Week. Let’s check it out:

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Worksheet on Days of the Week

1. How many days are there in a week and what are they?


There are seven days of the week. The days are as follows

The first day is Sunday
The second day is Monday
The third day is Tuesday
The fourth day is Wednesday
The fifth day is Thursday
The sixth day is Friday
The seventh day is Saturday

2. Write the name of the day that comes before:
(i) ____________ comes before Monday.
(ii) ____________ comes before Sunday.
(iii) ____________ comes before Saturday.
(iv) ____________ comes before Thursday.
(v) ____________ comes before Tuesday.
(vi) ____________ comes before Wednesday.
(vii) ____________ comes before Friday.


(i) Sunday
(ii) Saturday
(iii) Friday
(iv) Wednesday
(v) Monday
(vi) Tuesday
(vii) Thursday

3. Unscramble the days of the week.
(i) unasyd
(ii) yaomdn
(iii) detuysa
(iv) dnweseyad
(v) irdfya
(vi) srthdyua
(vii) tsauryda


(i) Sunday
(ii) Monday
(iii) Tuesday
(iv) Wednesday
(v) Friday
(vi) Thursday
(vii) Saturday

4. Write the in-between name of the day that comes.
(i) Saturday ____________ Monday.
(ii) Monday ____________ Wednesday.
(iii) Sunday ____________ Tuesday.
(iv) Friday ____________ Sunday.
(v) Thursday ____________ Saturday.
(vi) Tuesday ____________ Thursday.
(vii) Wednesday ____________ Friday.


(i) Sunday
(ii) Tuesday
(iii) Monday
(iv) Saturday
(v) Friday
(vi) Wednesday
(vii) Thursday

5. Can you place the following days into the correct order? The order is as of Monday, Friday, Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday, Thursday.


The given order of the days is Monday, Friday, Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday, Thursday
Now, the days of the week in the correct order is as follows:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

6. What are the short forms of days of the week.


The short forms of the days are

Days in a Week Short Forms of the Days



7. Which day comes next for the following days of the week?
(i) Friday, Saturday, Sunday, _____
(ii) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, ____
(iii) Saturday, Sunday, Monday, ____
(iv) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, ____
(v) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ____
(vi) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, ____
(vii) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, ____


(i) Monday
(ii) Friday
(iii) Tuesday
(iv) Wednesday
(v) Thursday
(vi) Saturday
(vii) Sunday

8. Write the yesterday and tomorrow for the following days of the week?
Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday, Thursday


The yesterday and tomorrow for the days of the week are represented in the below table:

Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday Saturday
Sunday Monday Tuesday
Saturday Sunday Monday
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Friday Saturday Sunday
Wednesday Thursday Friday

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