Conversion of Units of Speed | How to Convert Units of Speed km/hr to m/sec and m/sec to km/hr?

Learn completely on how to convert from one unit of speed to others from here. Practice the Questions in Conversion of Units of Speed here and get a good hold of the concept. Convert from km/hr to m/sec and m/sec to km/hr easily by going through the further sections. To know more about Speed Time and Distance you can always look up to us. Check out Solved Examples on Speed Conversions so that you can solve related problems on your own. Step by Step solutions provided makes it easy for you to understand the Units of Speed Conversion in an effective manner.

How to Convert Km/hr to m/sec?

To convert Km/hr to m/sec follow the below listed guidelines. They are as such

We know 1 km = 1000m and 1 hour = 60 minutes and in turn 1 minute = 60 sec

1 hour = 60*60 = 3600 sec

Dividing km/hr we have = 1000m/3600sec

On simplifying we have km/hr = 5/18 m/sec

Therefore to convert from km/hr we simply multiply with 5/18.

Solved Problems on Converting Km/hr to m/sec

1. Convert 54 km/hr to m/sec?


To convert, 54 km/hr to m/sec simply multiply with 5/18

= 54*5/18

= 15 m/sec

Therefore 54km/hr converted to m/sec is 15m/sec.

2. The speed of the bike is 108 km/hr, what is its speed in m/sec?


Given Speed of Bike = 108 km/hr

To obtain the Speed in m/sec simply multiply with 5/18

= 108*5/18

= 30 m/sec

Therefore, the Speed of the Bike is 30 m/sec.

3. A car covers a distance of 120 km in the first three hours, 50 km in the next 1 hour, and 25 km in the next 1/2 hour. Convert the speed into m/sec?


Total Distance traveled by the Car = (120+50+25) = 195 km

Total Time Taken = (3+1+1/2) = 4 1/2 hrs

Speed of the Car = 195km/4.5 hr = 43.3 km/hr

Speed of the Car in m/sec = 43.3*18/5

= 155.88 m/sec

How to Convert m/sec to km/hr?

Follow the below listed guidelines inorder to change between m/sec to km/hr

We know 1km = 1000m

thus, 1m = 1/1000 km

1 hour = 3600 sec

thus, 1 sec = 1/3600 hr

applying the same we have 1 m/1 sec = (1/1000km)/(1/3600 hr)

= 3600km/1000hr

= 18/5 km/hr

Therefore, to convert from m/sec to km/hr simply multiply with 18/5

Solved Problems on Converting m/sec to km/hr

1. Convert 60 m/sec to km/hr?


Given 60 m/sec

to change to km/hr multiply with 18/5

= 60*18/5

= 216 km/hr

2. The speed of a cyclist is 15 m/sec. find the speed in km/hr?


Speed of a Cyclist = 15 m/sec

To convert to km/hr multiply with 18/5

= 15*18/5

= 54 km/hr

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