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On this page, you learn how to count coloring activities or objects. This is a good choice to guide the kids, students, and preschoolers because in the initial stages kids don’t know how to count coloring activities. By using these worksheets parents and teachers can teach them the coloring activities. This counting activity improves the children’s counting skills.

Kids will have fun and enjoyment while learning the counting and coloring of objects or things. Parents and teachers can also encourage and guide the kids to count and color the objects. In this article, we learn how to count and color by considering few examples.

Worksheet on Counting Coloring Activities | How to Count Coloring Objects?

Parents and teachers can download this worksheet free of cost and take the printout of this downloaded worksheet for kid’s practice purposes. With more practice, kids will easily identify the numbers and colors without taking anyone’s help. This counting coloring activity worksheet will help the kids and students to enhance their mathematical skills. The below is the counting coloring figure,

The above figure consists of 6 different activities or images, in that figure based on a given number you can use that number of images and fill with colors. This is one of the tasks for developing the kids counting skills. Consider an example in the above-given figure, the first image consists of six apples but the given number is five (5) so kids will color only 5 apples in that 6 apples. In the same way, the remaining images will be completed.

Only Counting the Things

The below-given images consist of colored pictures, you can count the colored images and fill the blank with that number. This is one method of counting the colored images. Kids and students can color the images if the questions are given as below.

Take one example in the above figure, in the given figure first picture consists of 5 colored faces so the number of colored faces is five. So kids and students fill the first blank with the number five in a numeric number way.

Counting and Coloring Worksheets for Preschool

Example 1:

The given figure contains numbers and colored images. Find the given number of colored pictures and circle that number picture.

Example 2: 

The below given two figures are Counting coloring activities. Figures consist of numbers and pictures, you can count the given number of pictures and color them.

(i) (ii)

Example 3: 

The Below figure consists of colored pictures and some numbers. On the right side of the image, you will have numbers. Count the Colored Images and Circle the Number.

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