Printable Worksheet on Number 8 | Number Eight Writing, Counting, Recognition Activities

Number 8 Printable Worksheet PDF is provided here. Parents and teachers of kindergarten or preschool students can download this Number 8 Tracing Worksheet for free of cost. Students can count, identify and write the number 8 by practicing this handy worksheet. So, download it, take a print out and let your child start tracing as per the instructions.

Download Worksheet on Number 8 PDF

It is important that every student must learn the numbers 1 to 100 while doing their kindergarten. The number that comes before 8 is 7 and after 8 is 9. It is advised to learn the numbers in order so that it will be easy for the students to remember them. Teachers have to help out the students to write the number 8 on the dotted line.

Worksheet on Number 8

In the Worksheet on Number 8, you can see 8 bees flying. The number of bees tells the count or number of items in a group. Practice writing the number 8 multiple times with the help of the Number 8 Worksheet to identify, count, and write on your own.

Advantages of Learning the Number Eight

Below included are the benefits of learning the number eight.

  • Students can count the number of a particular object in a collection.
  • You can be able to read phone numbers, house numbers, etc
  • Perform arithmetic operations like sum or difference.
  • Teachers can test your skills.

Trace and Learn 8 Number

Students have to trace the number 8 symbol several times on the worksheet to know how to write it. You can take a print of this Worksheet on Number 8 and practice. This worksheet makes the preschooler’s or homeschoolers’ handwriting perfect and neat. So, practice this worksheet as many times as possible. After practising this number 8 worksheet, kids can write, colour, identify, and trace the number on their own.

Amusing Facts about the Number 8

  • The number 8 is a natural and composite number
  • It is an even number.
  • When you rotate the number 8, you will get infinity.
  • An octopus has 8 legs.
  • a spider has 8 legs.

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