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What Are The Common Core Standards? Is the biggest query for newbies. The Common Core Standards is a huge skill development platform that describes learning targets for each grade level in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Use this article on Common Core State Standards for K-12 Maths & ELA to achieve academic excellence.

Common Core State Standards

Common Core Standards Math

Common Core Standards ELA – English Language and Arts

Common Core Standards Social Studies Standards

Common Core Science Standards

Common Core State Standards Initiative

As of May 12, 2015 – Adoption Stance

State Adoption Stance
Alabama Repealed
Alaska Non-member
Arizona Repealed
Arkansas Adopted
California Adopted
Colorado Adopted
Connecticut Adopted
Delaware Adopted
District of Columbia Adopted
Florida Repealed
Georgia Adopted
Hawaii Adopted
Idaho Adopted
Illinois Adopted
Indiana Repealed
Iowa Adopted
Kansas Adopted
Kentucky Adopted
Louisiana Adopted
Maine Adopted
Maryland Adopted
Massachusetts Adopted
Michigan Adopted
Minnesota Partially adopted
Mississippi Adopted
Missouri Withdrew
Montana Adopted
Nebraska Non-member
Nevada Adopted
New Hampshire Adopted
New Jersey Repealed
New Mexico Adopted
New York Adopted
North Carolina Under review
North Dakota Adopted
Ohio Adopted
Oklahoma Repealed
Oregon Adopted
Pennsylvania Adopted
Rhode Island Adopted
South Carolina Repealed
South Dakota Adopted
Tennessee Repealed
Texas Non-member
Utah Under review
Vermont Adopted
Virginia Non-member
Washington Adopted
West Virginia Adopted
Wisconsin Adopted
Wyoming Adopted

What Are the Common Core State Standards?

Simply put, the CCSS are a set of guidelines that outline what students should learn in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics at each grade level, from kindergarten through 12th grade. They were developed by experts and adopted by most states to ensure consistency and quality in education.

Why Students Should Consider Common Core State Standards?

CCSS mainly focuses on the advancement of reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, maths skills, and insights students which helps students to excel in college and careers. These Common Core state standards are designed by expert professionals and adopted by a majority of states to give constant quality in education.

Also, they are beneficial for students as well as states, school districts, teachers, and parents. Provided or updated common core standards math and ela common core standards grade-wise surely make you grasp the skills and gain knowledge to thrive in college, career, and life.

FAQs On CCSS Mathematics & English Learning Arts

  • What are the Common Core learning standards?

The common core learning standards cover math and ELA academic standards for all students to learn subjects thoroughly of each grade from Kindergarten to High school.

  • What is the meaning of the Common Core curriculum?

A Common Core curriculum means a set of predefined goals that are designed by the officials and shared with all schools that have been adopted to CCSS. All adopted state schools should follow and stick to the same goals and work together.

  • What does CCSS stand for?

The CCSS stands for Common Core State Standards.

  • What are the objectives of CCSS?

The main objective of Common Core State Standards is to assist students in learning the skills they require to be successful in college and in the workforce. One more goal of CCSS is to provide quality education across all states.


California Common Core Standards Math and ELA help students of all grades to get a consistent and high-quality education with efficient skills and deep knowledge of the subject.

Reading Common Core Standards improves your scores and develops conceptual skills. Hence, students, teachers, and parents can get great support from the CCSS to succeed in their future academic goals and careers.

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