How to Read a Large Number? | Reading Large Numbers in Words Examples

Large numbers are somewhat difficult to read or write, and can’t memorize the word easily. Mostly they use Large numbers for counting different things in various circumstances. Let’s discuss How to Read a Large Number, and also learn how to write the numbers. To read or write a Large number we use periods by separating them with a comma after every 3-Digits. Each comma has its own individual name, and also sometimes we use spaces to separate the groups. At the end of this article, students can easily understand the concept of How to Read Large Numbers.

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How to Read a Large Number?

When reading or writing a Large number, start from the left largest group, and move to the right. We separate the digits into groups or periods, every period is simply a group of three digits and they are separated by commas. Period or group names are Ones, Thousands, Millions, Billions, and so on.

If students can read a 3-digit number then they can easily learn any number because every group is with 3-digits with the places hundreds, tens, ones. Now, to read a large number we use a place value chart to understand easily and practically. The place value chart is only about the pattern to indicate how to read or write the numbers.

The place value chart is as follows:

place value chart

Reading Large Numbers Examples

Example 1:

How to read the number 32125648?


First, we separate the numbers into groups and then separate the given numbers by comma from the right side to the left side.

Group names are ones, thousands, millions, etc. Every group has hundreds, tens, and ones.

Start reading the digits from left to right with group names.

Read the groups as a list of words. Write ‘and’ before tens, ones of every group.

Let’s follow these rules applying to the given number 32125648

Separating 3-digits with commas – 321,125,648

Now, we have

321 in the millions group and read in words as three hundred and twenty-one million.

125 in the thousands group and read in words as one hundred and twenty-five thousand.

648 in one’s group and read in words as six hundred and forty-eight.

Thus, the Large Number read in words as Three hundred and twenty-one million, one hundred and twenty-five thousand, six hundred and forty-eight.

Example 2:

Read the number 78234565?


Separate the numbers with groups from right to left. The number is 78,234,565.

78 in the millions period, read in words as seventy-eight million, whereas here in millions group hundreds place is 0 so, we use tens and one’s place of the millions group.

234 in the thousands pe¹100riod, read in words as two hundred and thirty-four thousand.

565 in the one period, read in words as five hundred and sixty-five.

Therefore, to read a Large Number in words as Seventy-eight million, two hundred and thirty-four thousand, five hundred and sixty-five.

FAQs on How to Read Large Numbers?

1. What are the names of groups to break the Large Numbers?

The list of group names to break the large numbers are Ones, Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions, Quadrillions, Quintillions, and so on.

2. What is the biggest number?

The biggest number is an unimaginable number, we can’t write this number with group names, whereas it is easy to write in exponential form. The largest number is 10100, which is in exponent form.

3. How to read and write the number 564523619 in the Indian Number System?

When writing or reading large numbers we use millions, billions, trillions, etc. But, in the Indian Number System, we use crores, lakhs, thousands, etc. To write or read the given number in the Indian Number System as fifty-six crores, forty-five lakhs, twenty-three thousand, six hundred nineteen ( 56,45,23,619 ).

4. Read the number 82456021?

First, separate the number by commas from right to left then the number is 82,456,021. Now, read the number as Eighty-two million, four hundred and fifty-six thousand, twenty-one.

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