Preparing a Bill of Purchases | How to Prepare Bill of Quantities? | Shopping Bill Preparation Process

Bill preparation process purely depends on the number of quantities of each item you purchase and the price of the item. In general, we have the name of the item, quantity, and price of the details of the item in the bill. Customers have to check the list of items, their quantities in the bill before paying the amount. Get to know more about how to prepare a bill and example questions in the following sections.

How to Prepare Bill of Quantities? | Bill Preparation Process

A shopkeeper will prepare the bill for the list of items and quantities customers purchased at his store. Nowadays, most of the shopkeepers are using computer-generated bill which contains, item name, quantity and cost of the item. Bill will include the item cost per 1 and the amount for the quantity you purchased in the bill. generally, preparing a bill is a spreadsheet. The steps are included here.

  • The shopkeeper has to write the, name of the item, quantity and price of the item, the amount in the first row.
  • Next, note down the names of the items in the respected column and also add their quantities.
  • Write the price of the items listed in the sheet.
  • Calculate the total cost for the quantity customer has purchased.
  • Write the sl. no in the respected column.
  • Find the sum of the cost of the items available at the end column.
  • Write down the sum below.

Customer have to re-check whether they have entered the price of all the items correctly or not and tally the number of items in your bag & bill receipt. You also have to cross-check the total and pay the amount to the shopkeeper.

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Questions on Preparation of Bills

Example 1:
Mr. Aarov bought the following from Spencers store:
(i) 2 water bottles costing $15 each
(ii) 2 bowls costing $30 each
(iii) 3 liters of cooking oil costing $5 per litre
(iv) 1 pan costing $25 each
Prepare a bill for the above purchase.

Cost of 2 water bottles = 2 x 15 = $30
Cost of 2 bowls = 2 x 30 = $60
Cost of 3 litres of cooking oil = 3 x 5 = $15
Cost of 1 pan = $25
Preparing a Bill
Mr. Aarov has to pay $130 at the spencer’s store.

Example 2:
Ms. Nitya purchased the following items from the Kavya Stationery Store and prepare a bill for the items purchased by her.
Preparing a Bill 1

Cost of 5 notebooks = 5 x 5 = $25
Cost of 10 pencils = 10 x 2.50 = $25
Cost of 2 Blue pens = 2 x 3 = $6
Cost of 1 geometry box = $12
Preparing a Bill 2

Example 3:
David purchased the following items from the Sari Suhag, Railway Road, Aligerh and prepare a bill.
(i) 5 litres of milk costing $7 per each litre
(ii) 5 kgs of red gram costing $3 per each kg
(iii) 2 kgs of red chilli powder costing $5 per each kg
(iv) 3 kgs of charcoal costing $8 per each kg
(v) 10 grams spices costing $15 per each gram
(vi) 12 kgs of sugar costing $6 per each kg

Cost of 5 litres of milk = 5 x 7 = $35
Cost of 5 kgs of red gram = 5 x 3 = $15
Cost of 2 kgs of red chilli powder = 2 x 5 = $10
Cost of 3 kgs of charcoal = 3 x 8 = $24
Cost of 10 grams spices = 10 x 15 = $150
Cost of 12 kgs of sugar = 12 x 6 = $72
Preparing a bill 3

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