Worksheet on Word Problems on Four Operations | Mixed Operations Word Problems Worksheets

Students can get ideas on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations by referring to the Worksheet on Word Problems on Four Operations. Use this Mixed Operations Word Problems Worksheet to understand the basic arithmetic operations. Referring to this Practice Worksheet you can understand the kind of questions being asked in the exams. Solving the different questions from Four Operations Worksheet will make it easy for you to improve your accuracy and speed while attempting the exams.

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Word Problems Worksheet on Four Operations

1. Suresh bought a cot for Rs. 20,000 and a bed for Rs. 8000. He gave the shopkeeper Rs. 40000. How much money will the shopkeeper return the money?


Money for buying a cot=20000
Money for buying a bed=8000
Total money for buying a bed and cot=20000+8000
The money he gave to the shopkeeper= 40000
The shopkeeper will return money= 40000-28000
word problems example1
Hence, the shopkeeper will return 12000.

2. In a shop there are 12 dining tables. The cost of the dining table is 35768. Find how much money will the shop keeper get by selling all the dining tables?


The cost of dining table = 35768
The cost of 12 dining tables =35768 ×12
word problems example2
The shopkeeper will get the money= 4,29,216.

3. In a hotel there are 2000 people and 10 rooms are empty. Find how many people can accommodate each room if an equal number of people sits in each room?


Total no of people=2000
No. of empty rooms=10
No of people accommodate in each room= 2000 ÷10
word problems example3
200 people can accommodate in each room.

4. In a college election, 4287 males voted for Rajesh, and 5378 females voted for Rajesh. Find the total number of students voted in the college if everyone is voted?


Total no. of males who voted=4287
Total no. of females who voted=5378
The total no. of students voted in the college is 4287+5378
word problems example4
The total number of students in the college is 9665.

5. Sagar went to the shop and bought 10 biscuit packets for Rs. 150. He has Rs. 350 left with him. Find the cost of each biscuit packet and the total money he got?


The cost of 10 biscuit packets is Rs. 150
The cost of one biscuit packet=150 ÷10
word problems example5
The cost of one biscuit packet = Rs. 15
Total money Sagar got= cost of biscuit packets+ Money left with him
= 150+ 350
= 500
Hence Sagar got Rs. 500.

6. Anusha deposits 3850 every month in the bank. Find the amount of money she deposits in a year?


Every month Anusha deposits=3850
Amount of money she deposits in a year=3850 × 12
word problem6
Total money Anusha deposits in a year=46200.

7. In a village there is 19845 population. Men in the village are 10764. Women in the village are 8858. Find the children in the village?


Men in the village=10764
Women in the village=8858
Total no. of the population in the village=19845
Total no. of men and women in the village=10764+8858 =19622
word problems example 7




Total no. of children in the village=19845 -19622
= 223
Hence, the total no. of children in the village = 223.

8. In a hall there are 500 people. each row can accommodate 20 people. Find how many rows needed for 500 people?


Total no. of people=500
Each row accommodates people= 20
No. of rows needed=500 ÷ 20
word problem example 8
Therefore, 25 rows needed to accommodate 500 people.

9. Arun went to the shop and bought 1 kg sugar for Rs 45, 3 kg Wheat for Rs 130, 25 kg rice for Rs. 1000. Later Arun told him to give 20 kg of rice only. He gave the shopkeeper Rs 2000. Find how much money will the shopkeeper return to Arun?


Arun bought 1 kg of sugar= Rs. 45
Arun bought 3 kg of wheat= Rs. 130
Arun bought 25 kg of rice = Rs.1000.
Later Arun bought only 20 kg of rice.
We have to find out the cost of 1 kg rice = 1000 ÷ 25
word problem example 9
one kg of rice= Rs. 40
20 kg of rice= 20 × 40
= Rs. 800
Total money for buying the items= Rs. 45+Rs. 130 + Rs. 800
= Rs. 975
Arun gave the money to the shopkeeper = Rs. 2000
The shopkeeper would return him=2000-975
= Rs. 1,025
Hence, shopkeeper will return the money to Arun= Rs. 1,025.

10. Sarika bought a bag for Rs. 850, books for Rs. 5000, pens and crayons for Rs. 180. Find how much money Sarika spent to buy them?


Sarika spent money for a bag= Rs. 850
Sarika spent money for books= Rs. 5000
Sarika spent money on pens and crayons= Rs. 180
Total money Sarika spent to buy them
word problem example 10
Hence, Sarika spent money= Rs. 6030.

11. Gita bought 130 sweet boxes for a party in his house. Each sweet box has 23 sweets. She invited 2800 guests. Gita gave one sweet to everyone.  Find how many sweets are there for 130 sweet boxes? Find out the remaining sweets at the party?


Each sweet box has no of sweets= 23
Sweets in 130 sweet boxes=130 × 23
word problem example 11
There are 2990 sweets for 130 boxes.
Remaining sweets=2990-2800
= 190
Therefore, there are 2990 sweets and after distribution, there are 190 sweets left.

12. Rajesh weighs 80 kg. Suresh weighs 73 kg. How much heavier is Rajesh than Suresh?


Rajesh weighs= 80 kg
Suresh weighs= 73 kg
Rajesh is heavier than Suresh by
80-73= 7 Kg
Hence, Rajesh is heavier than Suresh by 7 kg.

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